Dear Trader,

After years of struggling as a trader trying everything including books, seminars, courses, and mentorship I was finally able to make a breakthrough. Contrary to popular beliefs, you actually do not need to go through all the pain and suffering most traders go through in the beginning. The problem is most rookie traders are trading against the big institutions and hedge funds. Trading is a zero-sum game and in order to make money, it has to go from one account to the other. You are competing against seasoned professionals when you trade and you must level the playing field.

What if I told you there is a way to level the playing field? What if I told you that you can stop trading against the hedge funds and start trading with them? What if I told you there is a painless way to control emotions and trade with discipline? How does this happen? With the power of Optic Trading.

Early on in my career, I made every mistake in the book, but I now know the main reason for my early failures. I had no idea that there were games being played each and every day in the market. What games you ask? Games played by professionals who are smarter than you and want to take your money. Sharks with one desire—to make money at all costs, and they often do.

If you can't identify the game being played chances are you are being played!

Sometimes the game is to run the stops, sometimes the game is to take out a key reference area, and sometimes institutions will have clients wanting to buy/sell and they use algorithms to get the best execution. When this happens the market will not behave normally because you have large institutions and hedge funds playing these games. The only way to win is to play right along with them. You have to get inside the minds of your competitors to understand what they are trying to do.

Knowing this would have shaved years off of my learning curve and protected me from some devastating losses. I can remember in the early years all I wanted in life was to be was a professional trader. It was so frustrating because I was dedicated and giving it my all, but something was still missing. Now that I am a professional trader I want to give back. I want to help traders who are like me, they have the desire, persistence, and dedication but they lack the knowledge and understanding to succeed.

That's where Optic Trading comes in. Optic Trading's Professional Trading Course is a methodology based on everything I have learned over the years and is packed into an educational video course.  In the Professional Trading course, you will learn everything you need to know to constantly take profits out of the market. It is a complete education and this is the last course you will ever need! Professional Trading Course

Happy Trading!

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