Optic Professional Trading Course

Learn how to become a consistent trader

A comprehensive program for serious traders. The Optic Professional Trading Course gives you the tools, tactics, and strategies so you can succeed as a trader. Learn how to think and act like a professional trader. Successful traders know it is not how much you make; it’s how much you keep that matters. With a full module dedicated to risk management, you will understand how to correctly size positions and how to stay in the game long term.   

The Optic Professional Trading course will help you develop a methodology that fits your unique trading style. 

We teach you how to read market structure, price action, and how to determine if buyers or sellers are in control. You will also learn how to find Optic Zones. These are key areas where buyers or sellers are likely to become active.  

The optic professional trading course is our flagship offering. It's the most advanced and comprehensive program that we offer. Its purpose is to help traders become consistently profitable and have lasting careers in this industry. You will not be learning just theory or things you could easily find online or in books. You will be learning the strategies and techniques used by professional traders.

What are you going to be learning in this course? 

The optic professional trading course consists of 4 modules, each building on the previous one. 

  • Market Foundations
  • Risk Control and Money Management
  • Advanced Volume Analysis and Day Types
  • Setups and Execution 

Market foundations lay the groundwork, in this module you will become familiar with the different chart types we use and the tools of the professional trader. We will also cover foundational market principles, multiple time frame analysis, and you’ll learn how to find Optic Zones. These are key areas where buyers or sellers are likely to become active. 

In module 2 we cover Risk control and money management. This is what will keep you in the game long term.  

In module 3 you will be learning a lot. We cover auction market theory, volume profile, market profile, how to detect large moves before they occur, how to determine market strength, and much more. 

Finally, the real fun begins. Module 4 is setups and execution. Everything you have learned in the previous modules is going to aid you as you start learning how to execute. You will learn 11 detailed setups and how to build a trading plan. 

Optic Professional Trading Course

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